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NONA Glass Headed Pins

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NONA Glass Headed Pins are proudly and truly made in Japan. They are made in Hiroshima which has a more than 300 year history of needle making. The points of the needles are sharpened and polished many times with a craftsman's technique. The glass head size is designed a bit bigger to be easier to pinch. They come in nine colours which are named after Japanese plans and nature, as well as NONA's naturally dyed colours:

  • 茜 Akane
  • 藍 Ai
  • 桃 Momo
  • 桜 Sakura
  • 菫 Sumire
  • 蓬 Yomogi
  • 翡翠 Hisui
  • 水 Mizu
  • 蝋梅 Robai

Things to Note:

  • They are made from glass and steel.
  • There are 90 pins in a box.
  • The head is 3mm in diameter and the needle is 22 mm in length.
  • The box they come in is made from upcycled paper.

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