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Alexandra's Garden Vegetables: 30 Crochet Vegetable Patterns

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Follow-up to the eagerly awaited Alexandra’s Garden Flowers. Here are 30 friendly vegetables waiting to be brought to life by hook and yarn. The array includes orange Pumpkin, yellow Corn on the Cob and red Cherry Tomatoes.

In this new book, Kerry Lord heads for the allotment or veg patch to produce delightfully colourful crocheted produce. No digging needed and the slugs will never eat all your seedlings!

The 30 patterns include Curly Kale, Radish, Cabbage, Avocado, Artichoke, Peas in a Pod, Bell Pepper, Okra and Garlic. These charming amigurumi-like figures are sometimes crocheted whole, and sometimes seen in ‘sliced’ view so, for example, you get the avocado with a 3D central stone and the lovely veining within a red cabbage. As with Kerry’s flowers, alternative colours give you many variations, too. Kerry’s TOFT brand has produced three new yarn colours especially for this book – Beetroot, Aubergine and Kale – to enable you to crochet a rainbow of roots and shoots.You have the option of adding legs to personalise your veg, if you like, and Kerry shows you how to add personality by embroidering eyes too.

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