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Tuesday Evenings with the Copeton Craft Resistance

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Meredith established the Copeton Crochet Collective (no knitters please) because it would be like having friends, only with her in charge, and because there would be no men. It comes as a nasty shock then when Luke, the handsome grandson of no-nonsense Edith, decides to stay and learn to crochet. Claire joins to escape her relentless children and Yasmin so that someone might ask her who she likes on Masterchef instead of asking the same five questions about her hijab.
When plans for a new mosque wake the sleepy town, Copeton is stirred and Islamophobia bubbles to the surface. The Crochet Collective becomes the Craft Resistance, and this motley crew of fibre-arts enthusiasts begins to battle racism and bigotry with colour and creativity. But will the fragile threads of community be enough to bind them when more than one member has something to hide?

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