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Prym Yarnit Wool Holder and Dispenser

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The Prym Yarnit Wool Holder and Dispenser is a durable clear globe that provides a protective home for your yarn and accessories. Yarns can be switched mid-project with a hinged lid and open yarn channels.

Things to Note:

  • This patented, durable Lexan clear globe has hinged lid locks to keep your yarn secure and clean—away from dirt and curious pets.
  • Two yarn channels allow your yarn to feed smoothly from either the top or side with even tension and no tangling.
  • A non-slip base grips all surfaces for travel or home use and is removed to reveal hidden storage for small accessories.
  • The large size holds most balls of yarn and commonly-sized cakes of yarn.
  • The shoulder strap loops through the globe's top and adjusts for comfortable, hands-free transportation. 

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